A short History of Mankind / A Short History of Architecture

Zvi Hecker, 30th Nov. 2004

A Short History of Mankind
Over the last 5000 years of human history we haven't changed very much. We are still less then two meters high, we still walk on two legs, we reproduce as we always have and we eat basically the same food. Our psychological composition has also changed very little. We believe in gods, we are frightened of the unknown and we seek protection and security. Our psyche is that of a caveman.

Though we ourselves haven't changed, we have changed the world around us. We have produced many new toys "to please the time" as Brodsky calls it. The toys brought mixed blessings and a lot of maintenance.More maintenance will be needed as the planet earth, affected by the growing needs of an ever-increasing population mankind, evidences signs of fatigue. As there is no certainty that something will actually be done on time, we might as well return to the caves, and this time for good.

A Short History of Architecture
Architecture is a shelter, and it is a product of our skills. Though we as humans change very slowly, we constantly develop new skills and abandon old ones.
To satisfy our ever-growing needs, we have to use ever-new methods. But methods also develop their own needs. The satisfaction of these needs has recently been confused with architecture.

Zvi Hecker

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