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The Architecture of Zvi Hecker

Italian Projects


The design of the exhibition consists of two elements:

1) The Vertical Panels for hanging plans, drawings, paintings, etc.;

2) The diagonally laid table for showing the architectural models, small sketches, etc.

The Panels and the table are arranged in a continuous spiral form to allow viewing of Hecker's projects in a time sequence.
The form and space for the exhibition is by itself an example of Hecker's architectural language, allowing visitors to experience it personally. The architect allows visitors not only to see Zvi Hecker designs but as well to personally experience the form and space.

Zvi Hecker


The exhibition, which is presented in the form of "pages of an open book" as an invitation to enter and read according to different reading codes, highlights the figure and work of Zvi Hecker through his Italian projects over the period 1999–2022.
Whilst remaining architecture on paper, drawings and models reflect the importance of reiteration in the design process as an effective methodology in search of the form. In their typological variety, the Italian projects narrate the relationship the architect has had for years with the architectural culture in Italy.
Precisely a project for Abruzzo, Ella's House, is being built in Manoppello. It is an important circumstance of confrontation between the international milieu that the architect brings with him and the ancient culture of Abruzzo which nature, characterised by an often harsh and fascinating territory, he has been able to interpret as an element full of prodromal symbols and values.
Also on display are the milestone projects, built from the 1960s onwards, which as a subtle fil rouge guide the visitor through the pages of the "open book".
The form and space of the exhibition are an example per se of Hecker's architectural language, thus allowing visitors to experience it personally. Zvi Hecker invites viewers not only to see his own design but also to personally experience the form and space it generates.
The site-specific is also displayed as the ancient " City Crown", a place chosen for the relational life of Civil Society.

Paola Ardizzola

17.09.2022 – 16.10.2022

Maison des Arts, Fondazione Pescarabruzzo – Pescara

Exhibition curator
Paola Ardizzola

Concept and
site-specific installation

Zvi Hecker

Project Management
Fondazione Pescarabruzzo
Zvi Hecker Architect, Berlin
Zvi Hecker Stiftung, Berlin

Project coordination
Alessandro Germano
(Fondazione Pescarabruzzo Project Manager)

Paolo Fontana, Liv Kromann Reich
(Zvi Hecker Architect)

Graphic design
Melissa di Giovanni

Music composition
Luca Nasciuti

Photo of the models
Luciano d'Angelo

Display techniques
Cilli pubblicità

Ardizzola, Paola (edited by),
The Architecture of Zvi Hecker, Pescara, Fondazione Pescarabruzzo – Gestioni Culturali Srl, 2022