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Zvi Hecker

Kabinet architektury-Dům umění/ GVUO,
Ostrava, Czech Republic

 "I am an artist whose profession is Architecture.
The artist, showing his work in public, asks to be judged, as if he has committed a crime of any sort. The public, the visitors to the exhibition provide the jury. The verdict is pronounced by an art critic. The artist, to his defence, supplies the original documents of his art. No copies are accepted.

Unlike the artist, the architect, busy coordinating production of his work, shows no personal material. Instead he uses prints of the plans, glossy photos, and models made to keep clients happy. This material however makes it difficult to judge the architect contribution.

Architecture, like all art, originates in the mind of its creator, first illegible made gradually intelligible in the process of architectural design.
The visual documents of the process of architectural design are the true records of the architect's thinking and should be exhibited in the gallery, to allow the visitors to follow the flow of the project's development and to judge the final results. The architect's buildings are best to be seen on site."

Zvi Hecker, December 2013

Core of the exhibition are drawings and models of four projects: the City Centre of Ramat Hasharon, Israel; the Spiral Apartment House, Ramat Gan Israel; Heinz-Galinski School, Berlin, Germany and Koningin Máximakazerne, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Zvi Hecker

Curator and Organisation:
Tadeáš Goryczka
Jaroslav Němec

Assistant Kurator:
Rasťo Udžan

Interpretation and translation:
Radovan Charvát

March – April 2014