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Zvi Hecker - Two Strips

SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, USA

The installation consists of two strips, Strip A is tying together the four walls of the gallery while Strip B combines the ceiling and the floor of the room. The two strips intersect on the two short walls of the gallery. Strip A carries drawings and paintings of Zvi Hecker. Strip B exhibits the material chosen by the SCI-Arc students as representing Zvi Hecker work.

The exhibition is an interactive work, a dialogue between the personal work of Zvi Hecker and the material assembled by students of SCI-Arc as representing his architecture.

The two Strips A and B convert the gallery space into an active participant in the exhibition itself.

9th October - 29th November, 2015
opening: Thursday, 9th October

Los Angeles, USA

Exhibition design:
Zvi Hecker

Exhibition coordination:
Rafi Segal