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Amber Baltic Apartments

Miedzyzdroje, Poland, 2007-2009

The Amber Baltic Project is an apartment house adjacent to the Amber Baltic Hotel. It comprises about 60-70 apartments of various sizes, the majority of which has a direct view of the sea. Many apartments are also enjoying the south orientation. Generous terraces are extending the apartments. The inhabitants will benefit from the service and infrastructure provided by the hotel.

An important part of the project is the public facilities located at the ground floor and first floor, in between the entrance to the hotel and the entrance to the apartment house: these facilities include a variety of shops, swimming pool, fitness area and Spa. These public areas are designed in such a way as to make them easily accessible to the general public, providing the highest services. The swimming pool is of the official size of 25 m in length, according to European standards. The same can be said about the Spa and fitness facilities, which will provide the general public in Miedzyzdroje and the visiting tourists with the most advanced and luxurious services.

The Warimpex investors of the Amber Baltic Apartments are aiming at the highest standards. It was Warimpex in the eighties that provided the largest employment for the population of Miedzyzdroje. The new project goes even further, because it not only extends the services, but ameliorates its standard. It will bring to the city investments of those who are willing to enjoy the luxury of design, combined with the beauty of the natural setting on the Baltic Sea.

The architectural design of the Amber Baltic Apartments responds to the particular situation, its limitations and special advantages. The project respects the scale and the form of the existing hotel, as well lines up with the street to provide a mass and elevation needed in the particular urban situation of Miedzyzdroje. The most important architectural contribution of the Amber Baltic Apartments is the special way it faces the sea: instead of, as usual, projecting as much as possible into the sea, the building recesses into the background, as if absorbing the sea into its interior.

Eyal Weizman

Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG

13.500 m2
(with parking - 21.000 m2)

2007-2009; 2014

Oliver Scheffler
Ingmar Faber
Nadine Hill
Daniel Neuhaus