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Aquarium and Aviary on the Black Sea

Batumi, Georgia, 2006

The Aquarium and Aviary spaces provide a continuous view for the visitors of the two functions by an interconnected walkway of ramps and terraces. The design allows the visitor to experience the life of oceans and rivers and view the great variety of birds uninterrupted. Closer inspection of the aviary is possible when walking through its large metal-mesh enclosed structure.

The design is an illustration and an image of its unique function. It is a combination of the two primordial elements, water and air, which brought about the chain of evolution on earth, from fish to birds and finally to humans. This combination of the two forms, one transparent and one solid, creates an architectural assemblage of simplicity and meaning.

Cartu Group, Burj, ATU, Batumi, Georgia

ca. 4000 m²

Site Area:
ca. 2000 m²


Pedro Levi Bismark, Ingmar Faber, Paolo Fontana, Frederic Fourrichon, Ivana Gajic, Falk Heuer, Michele Martinetti, Justyna Mintus, Pedro Kuo Passos, Vinod Rajput, Francesca Scalettaris, Krystyna Wnuk.