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Campus der Religionen

Vienna, Austria, competition 2020

Four HOUSES of everyday mundane functions are interconnected by a strip of Sacred Functions.

The Mundane Functions of everyday need are located on ground in 4 Houses while the Sacred Functions are above, one can say closer to the sky.

As we know Religion is a House for believers, we designed a House within the House.

The design respects the program of activity separating and combining all the functions into one organism. All functions could be reached from the central entrance, but all have exit to outside open semi-covered space.

The design fits perfectly into the given site into the given urbanism situation.

As the future structure around the Campus of Religions site will be of various size and heights our design is horizontal – calm in character.

Verein Campus der Religionen

27.000 m²

Site Area:
9.827 m²


Zvi Hecker

Joseph M'barek
Adam Pitas
Paolo Fontana