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Centrum Dialogu "Przelomy"

Szczecin, Poland, 2009

The starting point in designing the Centre for Dialogue is the awareness that the manner in which the Solidarity Square is currently used and functions should be respected in the new project. The proposal does not change the use of the Square – it activates it and gives it a character of urban interiors.

The Building of the "Dialogue" is not a stand-alone object or a monument like the "Angel of Freedom". It is behind the scenes, a backdrop to square's activity. It creates a place and encourages active participation from the public. This newly formed space will support not only the anniversary celebrations but also divers cultural events.

The Philharmonic Orchestra will also be able to broaden the circle of classical music lovers by performing open air concerts.

It is a space and place of interaction between past and future, wherein young people are encouraged to connect with history and the present.

City of Szczecin

1200 m²


Paolo Fontana
Wiktoria Fryca
Jurgis Gecis
Sofia Gonzales-Araujo
Joanna Grzybowska
Alon Schikar