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City Hall Netanya

Netanya, Israel, 1963-1965

The Town Hall is the first building in the new Civic Centre for Natania—recreation and diamond industry centre some 25 km north of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast.

The building is in the centre of an enclosed pedestrian piazza, accessible from three directions: from two crossing roads and by a system of stairs and terraces rising from the seashore.

The Town Hall is triangular in plan and pyramidal in section. The offices are grouped around a central court which is roofed by a space super-structure overhanging the whole building.
The project develops further the Bat-Yam Town Hall experience in the arrangement of the various functions and in its climatic protection principle. Spatially and structurally the Netanya Town Hall is based on the truncated tetrahedron unit applied first in the Club Méditerranée in Achziv some six years before.


Alfred Neumann