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Building for the Federal Ministry of the Interior

Berlin, Germany, Competition 2005 -2007

The design is a result of an attempt to minimize the impact of the train noise on the western side of the site. The majority of the project elevations are therefore facing other directions than the west and are in no need of special isolation systems.
The integration of the design within the existing urban fabric was another important consideration. Because of the great variety of neighbouring buildings of different scales and forms, it seems to be right to reduce the mass of the project by avoiding large concentrations of program in one large building. Instead the project is composed of rather small masses arranged conveniently around courtyards.
Only six floors high, the project is arranged in horizontal layers of two floors each.

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

ca. 38.000 m²

Site Area:
ca. 31.000m²

2005 – 2007

Structural engineer:
Florian Foerster, Büro Happold, Berlin