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Guggenheim Museum Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

The Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki is a piece of architecture intended for people to enjoy the art.
It doesn't pretend to be an object of art, but rather an urban landscape responding to the Helsinki particular urban situation, its harbour, lines of exhibiting buildings and the topography of the adjacent park.

The museum building is basically two stories high, arranged around a central atrium accessible from the small piazza.
Its art galleries are on the first floor, the rest of the museum functions are located on ground floor. The green roof of the museum connects the level of the harbour with that of park allowing for exhibition of large sculptures.

Those who will come to visit the Museum should think that the building was always there.

Zvi Hecker
with Justyna Mintus

Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

ca. 12.000 m2


David Florez Rodrigez, Paolo Fontana, Amadeusz Krych, Mykolas Malskis, Victor Maquilon Yelo,
Magdalena Opitek, Andrea Torlai.