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Freiheits- und Einheitsdenkmal

Berlin, Germany, Competition 2010

The House of Freedom and Unification

The unification of Germany brought the idea of freedom and opened new perspectives to millions of people. It reverberates strongly within this design.

The design is composed of two parts, similar in scale, but different in material.

The first part is an ascending ramp encircling the courtyard. At its highest point it provides a new perspective for viewing Berlin and a cover for a small performance stage underneath. It would be used for impromptu events watched from the ascending ground of the courtyard. At a later stage its two walls could also be used to host relevant information. The ramp is built out of a mixture of light concrete, concrete blocks and parts of "platenbau". Mosaic tiles of the historic platform, if preservable, would be incorporated into its concrete floor.

The second part is a roof made of perforated aluminum sheets, carried by metal trusses. The mesh like armature allows foliage to grow up the walls and hang from above. The ramp starts its ascent from the courtyard, under this roof. Its reflective surface is in stark contrast to the monochrome surface of the concrete ramp.
The Memorial's entrance is located between the perforated roof and the solid ramp. It leads directly to a green courtyard that provides an interactive space for movement and freedom of action. Though semi-enclosed, it maintains a visual link with the surroundings. A passage underneath the ramp leads to the edge of the platform over-looking Schinkelplatz.
As part of the realisation, the historic stone platform will be restored and surfaced alternatively with stone plates, gravel and grass. A ramp providing disabled access is placed in front of the existing wide monumental stairs. At night, the Memorial will be illuminated to outline its dual silhouette against the dark background of the sky.


Zvi Hecker with Justyna Mintus

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

ca. 3.000 m²


Paolo Fontana, Daniel Neuhaus, Anette Kolarski
Anthony Richardson, Asli Agirbas, Beatriz Rodenas Lidon, Gizem Kaya