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Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo, Japan, 1988

The complex volumetric mass of various specified functional areas is structured basically into:

An elevated bulk-podium whose limits are the boundaries of the given site, height corresponding to the rooftop skyline of the neighbouring buildings. On this basic podium block, two conical structures are superimposed.

A small perfect conus composed of skeletal rib-beams is juxtaposed against another inverted conical surface, split into half and leaning onto the major rectangular built-mass delimiting the project on its northern boundary. A serpentine gallery twines around the lesser conus, connecting both conical elements.

The roof-level of the podium block serves as an open plateau, crossed by an axis extending from the smaller street from the west, through a bridge over the river-like railway station and reaching into the area reserved for expansion of the convention-centre project.

The serpentine floating element, serves as an interconnecting promenade and gallery space, allowing easy access and providing general orientation.

Amir Ofer Architect

Tokyo Municipality, Tokyo Forum Competition Autority