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Laguna Verde and Cascina Bordina

Settimo Torinese, Italy, 2010-2011

"Laguna Verde" and "Cascina Bordina" are two of the largest urban regeneration projects in Northern Italy.
They are both located in a strategic position at the South-West end of Settimo Torinese extending toward the major centre of Turin. Moreover, they intercept important transportation infrastructure such as the motorways and regional and high-speed railways connecting Turin with Milan.

The surface of "Laguna Verde" consists of 815.000 m² on an area today occupied by industrial settlements to be relocated within Settimo Torinese in high technology plants

"Cascina Brodina" consists of around 318.000 m² which at the moment includes a hospital, the old rural settlement of Cascina Bordina (to be preserved), and green areas.

The project foresees housing complexes (for around eight thousand people), offices, schools, commercial outlets and facilities for entertainment, culture and sport. Included in these is an arena, a swimming pool, and a museum. A large amount of the area is to be used for research activities, which should fulfil the needs of both the University of Torino and surrounding industries. Together, the two areas of "Laguna Verde" and "Cascina Bordina" generate a new architectonic element, a Gate to enter the city of Settimo Torinese.

The Gate to Settimo consists of two buildings rising on the side of the main street to Settimo Torinese, marking the main entrance to the city. The "Central Park", located in the centre of "Laguna Verde" assumes a leading role as the open space of Laguna Verde. Its shape has the same proportions and features of Central Park in New York, although reduced in scale. It is embraced all around by the residential buildings.

Some functions of the program of "Laguna Verde", like offices and research spaces, are located in the tower building cluster as well as in the structures under the residential buildings. Parking and public services, such as the museum and sport facilities, are placed in there in order to be directly connected to the "Central Park".


Arch. Pier Paolo Maggiora
Pier Paolo Maggiora Associati - ArchA

Lior Shlomo

Site Area:
ca. 650.000 m²

2010 - 2011

Robin Bader
Benedetta Bisotti
Ingmar Faber
Paolo Fontana
Joanna Grzybowska
Eugenio Lavaroni
Marta Malinverni
Francesco Veronesi