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Medical School Building Facilities on Campus

Nicosia, Cyprus, Competition 2015

The Medical School is a place where young people study how to protect human life. This profession asks for many years of dedicated learning process and should take place in an atmosphere and spirit of close comradeship.
The architecture of this Medical School is designed to allow for creating a sense of unity and common aim. Its courtyard is the soul of the school, a place where all meet and know each other more directly.
The building is designed around the central courtyard, which climatically creates its own microclimate, shaded and open to the flow of air – a real Mediterranean architecture.

Functional Organisation

The building can be accessed from the Belvedere where the main entrance is located at Ground floor level underneath the overhang. When students access the building from the south they will pass the central courtyard and enter the wide stairs of the courtyard to the main entrance. The garage and external parking spaces have direct access to a lift.

On the Ground Floor there are the main teaching and seminar rooms located. The research laboratories are located on the 1st and 2nd floor. The top floor houses all faculty and administration facilities. On every floor there are restrooms incorporated in the corridor zones where students meet and work more informally.

The 2nd floor gives access to a gallery surrounding the central courtyard and connecting to the open roof garden which is linked via the external stair to the courtyard. Circulation spaces and meeting areas provide attractive views to and from the courtyard on different levels and emphasize the importance of this public space.


Zvi Hecker

University of Cyprus, Nicosia

ca. 8.800 m2


Oliver Scheffler
Daniel Neuhaus 
Paolo Fontana
Angelina Okantaridi
Calina Griguta 
Linas Kleponis