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Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts

Berlin, Germany, competition 2015

The museum's function from the time of its first establishment in Athens is to preserve and expose the cultural heritage for the generations to come.
The museum's function expands not only in the way it preserves artifacts but how it indicates and explains their importance for the present time.
One can say that the museum illuminates our mind making it clearer for us to relate to the experience before us.
The function of the museum is to illuminate our mind and to indicate the city its cultural presence, it therefore illuminates also the City-Berlin.

The main entrance is through a covered "portico" to a bright central atrium – this is life pulsating interior that provides immediate orientation about the movement and direction to the various parts of the museum.
The space of the atrium like in the Guggenheim Museum in NY and the foyer of the Philharmonie in Berlin is the heart and soul of the museum and indicates to the visitor the scale and importance of this cultural institution.

Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SPK)

Zvi Hecker

Prof. Romuald Logler, Krakow
Justyna Mintus

Site area:
ca. 10.200 m²

Building area:
ca. 27.700 m2

110 Mio. €

Klaudyna Wawryka,
Artur Mentel,
Linas Kleponis,
Paolo Fontana;
Maria Myczkowska-Szałankiewicz