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Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Warsaw, Poland, 2005

The Museum and the Ghetto Monument form a new architectural composition in which the memorial retains its dominant symbolic role. This role is further reinforced by its focal position via the museum.

The architecture of the Museum is a result of reflections over its particular function and specific location. It is composed of two contrasting elements: a rectangular kind of monolithic block, built in concrete, and a lighter metal-and-glass construction adjacent to the concrete block. The interplay of the static rectangular form, reminiscent of neighbouring housing blocks, and the dynamic arrangement of the terraces refer to both the site and the vitality the Museum is expected to generate.

Jewish Historical Institute Association of Poland

17,600 m²

Competition Design:

Jan Marcel Bruinshoofd
Ingmar Faber
Paolo Fontana
Frederic Fourrichon
Falk Heuer
Sharon Kern
Aleksandra Kubos-Nowak
Maciej Markowski
Patrick McHugh
Katja Schmidt
Tai Schomaker
Bettina Steinmann
Jana Ullrich