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Offer House Villa

Bnei Zion, Israel, 1997

The Offer house is a family residence located East of Tel-Aviv in an old citrus plantation.

The site, markedly sloping with a 5 metre difference in levels, provided an opportunity to build within the land rather than over it. In the process of design the house strengthened its relationship with the site, becoming a real extension of its particular topography. Continuing the descent of the terrain, a succession of fluid lines determines the position of the venous parts of the house.

Because of the multiple needs of the Offer family, the house is designed as an assemblage of pavilions providing separate but interconnected spaces for the different functions: residential, entertainment, a guest wing and sport facilities.

The flat roofs of the house match the highest level of the site, while the ground floor and its main entrance are aligned with the lower part of the site providing the approach from the road.