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Palmach Museum of History

Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1993-1998

The Palmach Museum of History is essentially a landscape. It is a landscape of the dreams that have made Israel a reality. The form of this landscape is homage to the ideals that Palmach stood and fought for.

They are also the invisible foundations that carry the load built in fifty years of Israel independence.

15th July 1998
Zvi Hecker

Rafi Segal, Architect, Tel-Aviv

Palmach Veterans Association

ca. 5.100 m2

Rafi Segal
H. Pomagrin
S. Nuorahcs

Partner & advisors

Structural engineer:
Waintraub-Naginski-Zeldin, Tel Aviv, Israel

Technical engineer:
Tal – Cohen Ldt., Tel Aviv, Israel

Landscape architect:
Tichnun Nof Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel