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Spiral Apartment House

Ramat Gan, Israel, 1984-1989

It is a work of incomplete precision. Because it is so precise it can't be really finished. No limit to the precision one can achieve.

The Spiral's incompleteness is also its poetry, because poetry is the most precise expression of our need for precision.

Expressive as it is, the Spiral can't be fully understood. It speaks to many languages at one and the same time.

It speaks Arabic about the human condition. It argues in Hebrew abourt the sheer necessity to bring the muscles and materials together, but it is quite fluent in Russian when construction becomes architecture. Its Italian is very Baroque, as spoken in Piemonte by Guarino Guarini.

The Spiral is a tower of Babel in miniature.

Zvi Hecker

Listed Architecture Heritage by Krimitzi House of the Municipality of Ramat Gan

Ezra Mualem

1,115 m2

reinforced concrete, white stucco, slate stone, mirrors and corrugated steel. 

Partners & advisors

Structural engineer:
Jaakov Hai

Zvi Hecker
Gil Bernstein
Shmuel Groberman
Rina Hering