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Young City

Gdansk, Poland, 2002

Our project for the city of Gdansk responds the nature of the place and the character of the city.

It stems directly from the geometry regulating the site while expressing the dual character of the program: commercial gallery at the ground floor, residential area in the lower terraced part, offices in the higher tower.

We hope that the dynamism of the whole composition will be accepted as in tune with the way Gdansk is seen by those who know its history, particularly its recent one. Its shape is like that of an icebreaking ship and there is very little doubt about Gdansk's role in breaking the monolith of one of the most enduring regimes.

Zvi Hecker Architect, Berlin



Sönke Christian Hutterer
Dirk Obracay
Sebastian Born
Wolfram Benedikt Boucsein
Alexandra Götz
Nora Müller