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Zvi Hecker: Entwürfe für die Berliner Mitte

Exhibition Catalogue
Text by: Nikolaus Bernau
Publisher: Books People Places / Peter Schmidt, Berlin
Graphic Design: Madeleine Stöber
14,8 x 21 cm

The exhibition presents designs developed by architect Zvi Hecker for Berlin's Mitte district. With the help of drawings and models, it provides insight into his urban planning visions and into the architectural discourse conducted in Berlin in the 1990s - a unique phase of urban planning that is currently becoming the subject of historiography.
Zvi Hecker participated in three of the most prestigious architectural and artistic design competitions for the new German capital: Square of the Republic, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and for the design for the Monument of Freedom and Unity in front of the Humboldt Forum. The fourth project in Berlin-Mitte, which has also (so far) remained unrealized at a no less representative location, the Brandenburg Gate, was in a sense self-commissioned.
The idea behind the exhibition at the Mitte Museum is as obvious - all the projects shown are located in the Mitte district - as it is provocative: a review of the built reality based on Zvi Hecker's designs.

ISBN 978-3-949944-02-4


25 November 2022 – 4 June 2023

Stephanie Kloss and Heimo Lattner

The exhibition was made possible by Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte